CPAP Breathing Masks

Comfo Face Mask - Large




Comfo Face Mask - Large



Reusable Comfo Large CPAP Face Mask


  • One Piece Shaping: Light Weight, Easy Cleaning & Free Loading3
  • Made with Medical Liquid Silicone: Odour-less, Soft & Comfortable
  • Ergonomic Design: Totally Air-tight
  • Swivel Connector Design: Direction Turn Untrammeled
  • Mask Integral Floatable Design: Quiet & Comfortable, Snug Fitting
  • In and Out One Way Valve Design: High Safety, Carbon Dioxide (Co2) easily discharged
  • Head Gear Buckle with Quick Snap Design: Easy and Quick to fasten and unfasten on masks
  • Extremely Comfortable Cushion: Provides stable, superior and absolute comfort
  • Buckle with Butterfly Pattern Design: More than 80% increased comfort compared to predicate CPAP masks
  • Anit-asphyxia Valve: Automatically opening safe valve when the Generator Pressure fails, enabling patients to breathe by themselves
  • 360 Degree Rotational & Floatable Elbow: Easy to select the most appropriate position of the Oxygen Tube, preventing the tube to be pulled and dragged
  • Flexible Connector Platform: Provides more compatible position for tubes



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