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VISIOFOCUS® is the new gentle way to obtain a temperature reading quickly and silently without disturbing your patient. An accurate temperature obtained with a projected reading on the object you have selected (1°C to 55°C) and will work on any surface (food, skin, bottles, liquid etc.). The VISIOFOCUS® will also display the ambient temperature and comes with a 5-colour illuminated display allowing fast recognition of temperature
mode. The recallable memory function of the previous 9 temperature readings is at the touch of a button.
The simple yet effective aiming system of the VISIOFOCUS® completes the easy-to-use device.

cirri face CPAP Full Face "Vented" Masks  
SPECIAL PRICE: $115.00 ea. + GST
Part Number Size
PH11343 Small
PH11344 Medium
PH11345 Large
All masks supplied with headstrap.