Thermofocus 2-button thermometer - recommended for home use




Thermofocus 2-button thermometer - recommended for home use

0700/A2 Thermofocus is the first NON-CONTACT thermometer in the world, result of a series of international patents. Thermofocus is the non-contact thermometer, designed to allow you to take your baby's temperature without even touching him/her. With Thermofocus, taking your baby's temperature becomes a sweet gesture, just like a caress. It is enough to get Thermofocus close to your baby's forehead to see his/her body temperature in a few seconds. Thermofocus is perfect for children and functional for adults, because the temperature measurement is quick, precise, hygienic, safe and can be done with your complete comfort. It is Thermofocus' basic version. It is ideal for the family, to take exact body-temperature's measurements, simply getting the thermometer closer to the forehead's center, without even touching it. Subtracting the value indicated on the tag placed on the product's back, it is possible to obtain a valid temperature measurement of objects such as baby's bottles, soups or the bath's water. In addition, thanks to the memory button, it can recall the last nine measurements.



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